"We The People"


Our goal is to reduce the gap between our decision makers and the people. To protect our quality of life, our future and to raise American standards for ourselves, our children, our elderly and all Americans, not just the privileged. 

Who we are

FOUNDED in Arizona, USAPROUD was started during the BAIL OUTS. There was so much talk among our fellow Americans. No matter where you were people were talking about what is going on in America today. I wanted to know how many people were thinking the same thing. Not from the media or an interested political party, but from the people themselves.

USA PROUD is designed to learn what Americans are thinking and compare it to how many other Americans are thinking the same.  Then to bring the thoughts and concerns of the people to our officials in numbers, not by the news, not by our government and not by our representative, but as "We The People". So those who have the future of Americans in their hands will know in advance how their decisions and laws will directly affect the everyday life of Americans and their family before the change goes into affect, not afterwards when its too late.

After random interviews and discussions USA PROUD learned 2 outstanding things:

1.     America's General Public was clear they have a great admiration for our Military and want to say "THANK YOU" and "SHOW THEIR APPRECIATION".  

See Military Goods and Donations...

         USA Proud learned many Americans were not willing to agree that after serving our country and/or coming home from war, many came home to empty promises of support by our government. Many said the agencies designated to help our Served and Disabled Vets are very far behind processing requests for help, medically, educationally and financially.

         Sad for the greatest nation in the world. We help others but it's difficult process to help our own...

        USA Proud also learned those who did serve Love Our Country and were Honored to Represent the US of A.

They hope their time served made a difference and said they would do it again.  

Let's Honor our Military, Show Praise, Express Thanks and Appreciation for the Freedoms we enjoy Every Day..


2.     USA Proud also learned people are not happy, at all, about the way things are going in AMERICA. USA Proud learned Americans want change just not at their expense anymore. USA Proud found many Americans are at the point where they want to be heard before decision makers make changes that will affect their life not afterwards.  

USA Proud heard many things like Political Corruption, Corporate Greed and the Fall of American Standards.

After listening to the many concerns of "The American People", USA Proud took the words of the people randomly interviewed and put their words on Removable Bumper Stickers for the whole world to see....                                          

Click on Removable Bumper Stickers and see what other Americans were bold enough to say.  

Get your stickers and Voice Your Opinions....